Facebook creates new Virtual World company?

Is Facebook not stopping with virtual world acquisitions? After buying Oculus VR, Linden Lab, High Fidelity, will they add Kitely and others to a new company, separately run by Cory Ondrejka and John Carmack, and joining together any developer who is not already working for Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Apple, or Google? Will this behemoth of agglomerated companies manage to fulfil the dreams of those who have read too much William Gibson and watched the Matrix way too often?

Or is it just a marketing stunt, to make sure Facebook shares remain up while facing dwindling returns from ads? Will Zuckerberg drop everything as soon as Facebook’s shares are steady again?

What will eccentric and insane investors like Richard Branson, Larry Ellison, Paul Allen, John McAfee, or even Elon Musk do about this? (Jeff Bezos is just laughing out loud…)

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  1. Facebook already knows a lot about you, but the social network is about to get a whole lot smarter. The company has unveiled the DeepText Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine which is designed to understand the context and sentiment behind the written word. It relies on a technique called deep learning, which attempts to reduce the gap between computers and humans, when it comes to understanding the meaning behind human language. Facebook is using neural network architectures, including convolutional and recurrent neural nets, and can perform word-level and character-level based learning.

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