Sansar: How to disappoint users to let them go back to Second Life

There is a rumour being spread by some residents close to Linden Lab employees (‘anonymous sources’) that the whole point of Sansar was not to create a new virtual world and pull residents out of the obsolete and impossible-to-maintain Second Life. After all, this would make no sense: the whole

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Facebook creates new Virtual World company?

Is Facebook  not stopping with virtual world acquisitions? After buying Oculus VR, Linden Lab, High Fidelity, will they add Kitely and others to a new company, separately run by  Cory Ondrejka and John Carmack, and joining together any developer who is not already working for Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Apple, or Google?

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IBM to Run Mainland; Linden Lab becomes “Metaverse Foundation”

Linden Lab is tired. They will let IBM run the mainland “very soon”. IBM will be the major supplier of sims for “community” and “business”; Linden Lab will focus on software and interoperability, as well as fixing and maintaining the “Open Second Life Protocol” through a “Metaverse Foundation”.

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