Linden Lab is going to be bought by a “Big Corp”

…the name of which has already been revealed to members of the SIC.

New Class 5 machines will be only deployed to companies

Companies and developers will be the first to get access to the new Class 5 servers. They will allow 100+ avatars without lag and over 25,000 prims. They will not be available on the mainland. Ever.

Last names available for the ones willing to pay for it

Residents with enough cash in their pockets will be able to pay for their own, personalised last names.

Basic accounts will not have free technical support

Alas, only Premium accounts will be deemed to be worthy of getting free technical support.

The Rites of the Initiated

The long journey towards Enlightenment comes from shredding the insane notion that one can acquire status in Second Life through limiting itself to its world. True Enlightenment comes from the Outside. Thus, the Adept begins the long Path by understanding that the world of Second Life is beyond Second Life

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