How far will Linden Lab go with ID validation?

They will not stop at “age”. You will be “voluntarily” asked to provide more and more of your RL data on your profile, including, but not limited to, age, skin colour, gender, ethnic group, address, phone number, and yearly income. Augmentationists will cheer to the policy changes, since it will

Major Revelation on the SLCC ’07

Pay close attention to what Philip is going to say during the Second Life Community Convention 2007 in Chicago, August 24-26. He will be revealing something extraordinary first-hand that will change the whole way we think about Second Life. Hint: it’s not the end of sex in Second Life. And

Ginko’s not “dead”…

… rather, Nicholas Portocarrero is discussing with real world banks how to best come into Second Life. Expect a few more to start opening virtual offices in Second Life, but not as a “media splash campaign” but rather as a way to attract more customers by providing L$-based services in

IBM to Run Mainland; Linden Lab becomes “Metaverse Foundation”

Linden Lab is tired. They will let IBM run the mainland “very soon”. IBM will be the major supplier of sims for “community” and “business”; Linden Lab will focus on software and interoperability, as well as fixing and maintaining the “Open Second Life Protocol” through a “Metaverse Foundation”.

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