Facebook creates new Virtual World company?

Is Facebook not stopping with virtual world acquisitions? After buying Oculus VR, Linden Lab, High Fidelity, will they add Kitely and others to a new company, separately run by Cory Ondrejka and John Carmack, and joining together any developer who is not already working for Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Apple, or Google?

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Linden Lab to release web-based viewer

It’s not just Tipodean that is doing a Web-based SL viewer. Linden Lab is also experimenting with the same technology. While they admitted that this was “just an experiment”, they are redefining the whole concept, and will launch a WebGL-based viewer later this year.

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Philip Rosedale will not continue as CEO

Disappointing 20 millions of fans, Philip will announce that he is leaving Linden Lab… again. Although they should have learned the lesson with M Linden, the new CEO will be someone who has no clue about Second Life, never logged in long enough to have a feeling of what it’s

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